Some customer examples
Bytec Medizintechnik GmbH
design and manufacturing of individual components for the Celsius 42° hyperthermia equipment
carat robotic innovation GmbH
Component manufacturing for robot-gripper systems
Continental Automotive AG
Assembly apparatuses and handling systems, operating and inspection system engineering
Wilo SE
Prototype and small series, assembly apparatuses
Micram Microelectronic GmbH
Measuring systems for the microelectronics industry
Bayer Schering Pharma AG
Mechanical biotechnology components
DIREVO Industrial Biotechnology GmbH
Hole frames for protein analysis
Design and manufacturing of applications for existing products
Elster GmbH
Design and component manufacturing for gas analysis equipment
Fachhochschule Gelsenkichen
Manufacturing of fluidics chips
Flemming Dental GmbH & Co KG
Individual extensions and titanium body parts
Kammrath & Weiss GmbH
Special Developments for Microscopy
RIM Deutschland GmbH
Manufacturing of acoustic couplers for "BlackBerry" mobile phone quality control
Neoperl GmbH
Prototype and small series
Kautex Textron GmbH & Co. KG
Assembly apparatuses and handling systems
OptiSense GmbH
Manufacturing for measuring systems for contactless coat thickness measuring
Stapleline GmbH
Development, design and prototype construction of medical instruments
Dr. Stefan König
drilling jig for inserting jaw implants
mpe GmbH Micro Perforation Engineering
Manufacturing of probes for micro-perforation
NanoFocus AG
Component manufacturing for an optical 3D measuring system
Niemann & Partner GbR
Development of 3D models for flow assessments
Eusani - Hortmanns - Zahlten Ingenieurgesellschaft mb
Component manufacturing for dynamic support frames
Nobel Biocare Deutschland GmbH
Model study for dental implant components
ReDis Gesellschaft für Wiederaufbereitung
Design and manufacturing of dismantling equipment
LaVision BioTec GmbH
Manufacturing of components for the optical measuring technology
Südchemie AG
components manufacturing for chemical inspections
surface coating technologies GmbH
Manufacturing of plasma technology components
Helbako GmbH
apparatuses and handling systems
Nail Selection Still GmbH
Development and manufacturing of pinch clamps
PTB Braunschweig
Component manufacturing of extractive cells
Hager & Werken GmbH Co. KG
Modification design and manufacturing of an articulator adjustment unit
Care medizinelektronik GmbH
Prototype and serial production of flow cells for blood glucose meters