Thinking and acting competently

Assembly apparatuses

We design and manufacture assembly apparatuses and handling stations for manual/semi-automatic and automatic operations. Process reliability is ensured by using state-of-the-art sensor technology. We design and manufacture equipment tailored to our customers' needs.

Inspection systems

We have manufactured inspection systems and assembly equipment with inspection functions for various applications to the satisfaction of our customers. We have successfully used our experience in leak testing of individual parts and complete systems accordingly to this extent. The respective system can be used depending on the component to be inspected.

Jointing technology / assembly automation

Process and tool development for thermal jointing, adhesive and hybrid jointing, as well as mechanical jointing (bolts, pressing) Full-service planning of assembly, handling and jointing processes.

Component manufacture

Serial production and assembly of gas analysis measuring equipment.

Medical technology

Development, design and manufacturing of an electrode for the Celsius 42° hyperthermia equipment by Bytec GmbH.

Research facilities and universities

3D-Erection a flow model

By our experiences in the 3D-modeling we can generate scale digital models and make about suitable procedures, e.g. Rapid Prototyping. This building model was produced for a wind tunnel measurement of engineer cooperation Niemann & Partner.