We visualise ideas

Design tools

The design process is based on advanced design methodologies. We keep you up to date with the individual development steps, enabling you to conveniently intervene in the process.

We use a suitable CAD software for implementing your development and design tasks.

3D models enable the prompt creation of design and function models. The rapid prototyping procedure serves as an example in this context. This approach enables the delivery of a first prototype at an early development stage.

3D System "SolidWorks"

We mainly use the Solidworks 3D CAD system. Solidworks offers a variety of design tools, thus enabling the fast production of digital models.

This process enables the design of individual parts and complete components alike.

We deliver files in all common formats for your technical documentation.

2D System "Autocad"

We can also use the Autocad system for simple design tasks. We deliver files in DXF, DWG and PDF format as documents.

"eDrawings" viewer

The available eDrawings software enables you to trace the individual design steps and view the current project progress at an agreed point in time.